22nd November 2022 - 7:15 pm

presents a very unique line-up of bands each bringing something new to the table. With genres ranging all the way from indie to metal there’s definitely something for everyone. Because of this, this is a concert that will bring people together and whether you are there for the sweaty mosh pits or at the back singing along you will definitely have an unforgettable night.
Band Bios –
Toker – Toker are a cutting edge 3 piece alternative rock/metal band fresh out of Devon. With their own unique sound, taking influence from everywhere they go their first concert is definitely not something you want to miss.
Medina – Medina are a hard hitting alternative metal/rock band filled with unparalleled energy, aggression and groove. With everything from catchy riffs to haunting melodies, it’s guaranteed there will be something for you.
Pack of Animals – The first of our co-headliners and definitely not one to miss. Pack of animals are a modern day post punk/indie band taking inspiration from bands such as Idles, Fontaines Dc and Shame. They are sure to cause a racket and get you off your feet but also with many beautiful melodies and singalongs for all.
Silvertree – A band that started out as a humble grunge/indie band, but over the last few months has gone on a journey of breakdowns, harmonizing lead lines and harrowing vocals to create their very own thing. No matter what your musical preferences this band will have something for you and it isn’t one to be missed.


Move 4 The Quay
Exeter EX2 4AP
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